Square Fiberglass Porch Columns

Easy to Order, Install and Maintain

  • Options: Assembled load bearing columns / split assembly
  • Durable and strong
  • Low maintenance
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Smooth, recessed panel, fluted styles; tapered, non tapered
  • Choice of capitals, bases
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install

Square fiberglass porch columns are beautiful and built to last.

Porch columns enrich your home in several ways. The right columns redefine the ambience of your home tastefully and create that grand, signature entryway or elegant backdrop you have always wanted. Our artistically crafted square and round fiberglass columns are more than structural pillars that support your porch roof - their decorative touch enhances the visual impact and value of your home instantly.




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"We recently did a remodel and had already ordered three columns from an entirely different company. Those columns were very cheap looking and unacceptable. I received my three beautiful columns from Curb Appeal Products. They arrived in a very timely fashion and in perfect shape and are very strong and good looking. I really could not be more pleased with both the product, and with the service. I highly recommend this company".

Michele Roy, OR

We have been using Curb Appeals craftsman columns and bases for years and we could not be happier. The columns are constructed with quality craftsmanship, are sturdy and provide us that unique look we want for the exterior of our homes

Lisa Webb, Baldwin Homes

Project Ideas


These columns are beautifully crafted – exactly what you would look for in a porch column. They come fully assembled and are strong enough for load bearing. Fiberglass columns can support your porch roof for years. However, if you prefer to wrap them around existing structural posts, you can order them as split columns or even as corner pilasters. Either way, the best thing about fiberglass porch columns is that they need no regular maintenance on your part. Unlike traditional wood columns, fiberglass columns are resistant to rot, weather and insect damage. They are easy to paint and install and come with a lifetime warranty. So, once you have them in place, you can sit back and enjoy them for years to come without having to care for them.

We offer finely crafted tapered and non tapered, square fiberglass porch columns in a range of widths and heights in smooth, fluted and recessed panel styles. Each style brings a unique touch of sophistication to your space and complements your home’s elevation. Artfully designed fiberglass capitals and bases featuring varying levels of decorative details further enhance the impact of your columns.

Whether you’re remodeling your current home or building a new one, it’s the architectural details that breathe life into it. Square fiberglass porch columns give you a simple, functional and classy way to showcase your space.

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