Non-Tapered PVC Porch Columns

Easy to Order, Install and Maintain
  • Durable, beautiful, custom column wraps
  • Insect resistant, weather proof, no rot
  • Low maintenance
  • Plain, raised panel, recessed panel options
  • Choice of Bases, Capitals
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install

Craftsman porch columns go a long way.

Porch columns are the style statement of your home. The interesting thing about them is how they give your porch a brand new look and a classy, timeless appeal at the same time. It all starts, of course, with choosing the right porch columns that reflect your sense of style. Not all column wraps are up to that challenge.

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TYPE 400-450

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"We recently did a remodel and had already ordered three columns from an entirely different company. Those columns were very cheap looking and unacceptable. I received my three beautiful columns from Curb Appeal Products. They arrived in a very timely fashion and in perfect shape and are very strong and good looking. I really could not be more pleased with both the product, and with the service. I highly recommend this company".

Michele Roy, OR

Got them installed on Saturday they look great.

Thanks for your help

Joe Allen, Washington DC

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Our durable, low maintenance, insect and weather resistant custom columns. There’s no questions that our non-tapered PVC porch columns will make your porch look more beautiful.

But, don’t let their appearance fool you. These column wraps are durable, insect and weather resistant and will not be affected by moisture or temperature changes. This makes them great choices not just for your porch but also for the inside of your home. You could even order them as pilasters or corner pilasters for use against your walls to add character and visual interest to your space. That’s not all.These great looking, strong porch columns come with a lifetime warranty, so you can admire your choice without a worry.

Our square, non tapered PVC custom columns are finely crafted pieces of art that add value to your home. Choose from four unique styles – plain, fluted, recessed panel and raised panel. You could have the paneled and fluted columns made with a break on the panels – this way you can attach them to railings. While our majestic columns seem complete in themselves, go ahead and choose from our square bases and capitals to enhance their look even further. These columns can be customized to almost any height and size and wrap around your existing indoor or outdoor structural posts. Each non-tapered PVC porch column wrap kit comes with inner squaring blocks, trim moldings and special adhesive to join the mitered edges. All of our column wrap products ship promptly and are easy to install. If you have questions, we’re more than happy to help you – just give us a call or send us an email.

Your porch is not just the exterior of your house, it’s an extension of your home. Let your unique decorating style spill over to your porch. Make your mark and see it last with non tapered PVC porch columns.


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