Specialty Millwork

  • Custom PVC specialty millwork - gables, valances, brackets, corbels
  • Insect resistant, weather proof, no rot
  • Low Maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty

Specialty millwork details are what make a home truly spectacular. Finishing touches such as decorative brackets, intricately constructed gables, custom valances and corbels help your home stand out. These seemingly minor details are, in fact, the elements that add character and interest to your home's exteriors.

Intricate details, decorative moldings and brackets add a traditional or classic touch to your home, regardless of its age and style. These embellishments help frame your porch, deck or roof and create a distinctive
look for your home. Our durable PVC brackets, gables and valances do not rot, rust or crack and are resistant to insects and weather exposure.
So, once you've installed them, you can forget about them, except when you're admiring them, of course!

Custom PVC specialty millwork goes the extra
length with no extra effort.

When it comes to specialty millwork, ease of maintenance and durability are as important as visual appeal. With our PVC custom specialty millwork, you can rest assured that there is no compromise. We ensure that you enjoy your carefully chosen and masterfully crafted millwork for years to come without having to spend countless hours maintaining them.

We go to great lengths to create custom valances, gables and brackets that match your specific profile requirements. No matter how intricate the design or how simple the lines, we deliver exactly what you are looking for. We believe that behind every detail in every home there is a story. We’ll help you tells yours with PVC specialty millwork.

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