Custom PVC Pergolas and Trellises Add Maintenance-free Outdoor Beauty

Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by an ambience that feels welcoming and relaxing at all times? Yet, most of us can’t go away on vacation as often as we’d like to. If you can’t head to a holiday resort, why not bring the resort home? Pergolas and trellises are landscape elements that can transform […]

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Long-lasting PVC Railings Provide Privacy and Safety in Style

How much thought do you give to choosing railings for your home? Many homeowners do not give this decision the consideration it warrants. You take factors such as durability, appearance, cost and maintenance into account when choosing porch columns and other architectural elements for your home. Choosing railings, newel posts and balustrades should be no […]

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Painted Porch Columns, Decorated Door and Other Holiday Curb Appeal Ideas

Your porch columns and other exterior elements offer many opportunities to decorate your home for the holidays, create an inviting setting and make a design statement. As you welcome family and friends into your home to celebrate with you, here are a few tips to get you started with your holiday curb appeal makeover. Clear […]

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The Key to Choosing a Good Dormer Door

Attic access doors should do two things well. a)They need to allow easy access to your attic space. b)They need to conceal your attic space effectively and keep it out of reach for children and pets for whom the space may not be safe. Dormer doors, aka knee wall doors or attic access doors, are […]

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5 Tests Your Crawl Space Door Should Pass

How often do you think about the foundation space under your house? Probably, not often enough. This much overlooked space has a huge impact on several critical aspects of your home including your heating bills and termite treatment costs. The foundation space remains one of the top most priorities for property managers. As a homeowner […]

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